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Tennessee's most-wanted criminal arrested in Louisiana

Louisiana and her neighboring states often cooperate in tracking and arresting persons wanted for serious crimes. A recent example of this cooperation occurred in New Orleans when police arrested a man for shoplifting, only to discover that he was one of Tennessee's 10 most-wanted criminals and was facing serious criminal charges in the Volunteer State.

According to Tennessee officials, the man and his girlfriend are accused of kidnapping and attempted murder in connection with an incident that occurred in June 2017. The couple are charged with kidnapping a woman and forcing her to lure a supposed friend from his residence.

Baton Rouge woman charged with bilking state out of $120,000

Income tax preparers are motivated by the drive to reduce their clients' tax bill by finding all deductions that can be lawfully claimed. Sometimes, this incentive becomes too powerful. A Baton Rouge woman has been arrested and is now accused of fraud because she allegedly crossed the line separating proper deductions from fraudulent deductions.

The Louisiana Department of Revenue has charged the woman with fabricating business losses for her clients, some of whom do not even own or operate a business. According to the Department, the woman's alleged actions have cost the state an estimated $120,000 in paid refunds that were based upon false deductions.

Louisiana arrest may lead to downfall of casino theft ring

State Police recently arrested a man at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans and accused him and two accomplices of defrauding a casino in Baton Rouge. Police also say that the arrest may be the first step in breaking up a string of casino thefts around the United States. The man was charged with felony theft.

According to police, the three men cooperated in manipulating the odds in the dice game, known as craps. The man who was arrested is allegedly an expert at throwing the dice in such a way that the odds of a particularly result are significantly altered.

Experts clash on question of mother's sanity during killings

Louisiana's insanity defense was on full display when psychiatric experts retained by the defendant in a homicide case clashed with similar experts retained by the prosecutors in a criminal trial. The mother is facing a variety of criminal charges, including first-degree murder, in connection with the murder of her two young children in 2012. The mother is charged with fatally shooting her 3-year old son and drowning her 4-year-old daughter. In earlier testimony, the defendant confessed that she killed her children to spare them a life of poverty.

When the defendant's attorneys decided to assert the insanity defense, they must show that "because of a mental disease or mental defect the offender was incapable of distinguishing between right and wrong with reference to the conduct in question." Two psychiatrists from Tulane University told the judge that, in their opinions, the defendant was in the middle of a psychotic episode on the day that she admittedly killed her children, and that she could not distinguish between the rightness and wrongness of her actions.

Three men face child porn charges in Louisiana

When compared to state crimes, federal crimes often carry harsher penalties. However, no matter the type of criminal charges a Louisianan is facing, it should be treated like a seriously. Thus, it is important that defendants understand the charges, penalties and what criminal defense strategies.

According to recent reports, three men were arrested for child porn charges. The Office of Louisiana Attorney General claims that these arrests were the result of a joint investigation between the Louisiana Bureau of Investigation Cyber Crime Unit and the Sheriff's Offices located in Tangipahoa Parish, Vermillion Parish and Rapides Parish.

Thibodeaux woman indicted for stealing $370,000 from dying mother

Federal authorities indicted a woman living in Thibodeaux, Louisiana, for stealing almost $370,000 from her terminally ill mother. The woman is now facing federal charges for wire fraud and money laundering.

The money was accumulated in the retirement account of the woman's father. He passed his substantial savings to his wife when he died.

Police apprehend man suspected of robbery and kidnapping

Police in Bossier City, LA and Beaumont, TX cooperated in apprehending a Louisiana man after he allegedly robbed his employer and kidnaped his supervisor. The man is now in custody and facing serious felony charges.

The incident began at a Burger King Restaurant in Bossier City. When employees showed up for the Friday morning shift, they found that the manager and money from the cash registers were missing; when they found the manager's car in the parking lot, the workers notified the Bossier City police. On Friday afternoon, the manager was able to phone her children to tell them that she had been abducted at gunpoint by the suspect, that he had released her and that she was in a bus station in Beaumont. Because the incident allegedly involved flight across state lines, the FBI was alerted. Shortly afterward, the U.S. Marshall's Office notified Beaumont police that the suspect was probably in the Beaumont area.

Murder conviction set aside after lawyer found to be ineffective

Every criminal defendant has a constitutional right to be represented by a competent lawyer. Even murder convictions can be set aside if the court believes that the defendant's lawyer did not provide an effective defense to the criminal charges in the case. In a recent case, an Orleans parish judge reversed a murder conviction after finding that the defendant's attorney did not provide a competent defense.

The murder occurred in 2004 outside a Gentilly gas station. The defendant was arrested in 2005 but did not come to trial until 2011. At the trial, the prosecution relied on testimony of a sole eye witness who testified that, while sitting in her car, she saw the defendant shoot the decedent twice in the head. Several appeals followed the conviction. In 2016, the Louisiana Supreme Court ordered the trial court to determine whether the defendant's attorney did a competent job.

Baton Rouge doctor indicted for submitting false Medicare claims

A federal grand jury in Baton Rouge has returned an indictment charging a local doctor and one of his employees with submitting $4.4 million in fraudulent medical claims to Medicare and various private insurers. The doctor and his employee are now facing charges of having committed several federal crimes in connection with fraudulent billing for medical services.

The physician is a part owner of a pain management clinic in Baton Rouge. He and his billing supervisor are accused of a number of fraudulent billing practices. In some cases the physician allegedly instructed employees to prepare a false record showing that he had performed minor surgeries on patients on separate days, when in fact the surgery was performed during a single office visit. He is also charged with submitting claims for urinalysis tests that were medically unnecessary. The allegedly false claims were submitted to Medicare and private insurers. The indictment states that the total amount of fraudulent claims was $4.4 million.

Suitcase with 10 pounds of marijuana leads to three drug arrests

An abandoned suitcase was turned over to the lost and found at Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, and it led to the arrest of three persons, after an attempt was made to claim the bag. The three persons were charged with various drug crimes, including the transportation of drugs from California to Louisiana.

Officials at the airport alerted local police about the suitcase. According to the arrest report, investigators from the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office went to the airport and opened the suitcase. Inside, they found 9.92 pounds of marijuana.