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Louisiana arrest may lead to downfall of casino theft ring

State Police recently arrested a man at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans and accused him and two accomplices of defrauding a casino in Baton Rouge. Police also say that the arrest may be the first step in breaking up a string of casino thefts around the United States. The man was charged with felony theft.

Can taking a selfie lead to felony charges?

Cell phones are not just for making calls. Baton Rouge residents use their handheld devices to search the Internet, find driving directions, make dining reservations, send emails and quite often take pictures. The high resolution of many phone cameras makes them a good option for people who do not wish to carry separate cameras so that they may capture the special moments in their lives. And thanks in part to the ubiquity of cell phone cameras, individuals across the nation have begun taking "selfies" at an incredible rate.

Hate crimes can exacerbate felony charges

Criminal allegations can change the course of a Baton Rouge resident's life, particularly when those allegations involve the alleged commission of a felony. As previously discussed on this Louisiana criminal defense legal blog a felony charge can result in a more severe sentence upon conviction than a sentence based on a conviction for a misdemeanor charge.

Deception is a key component of a forgery charge

Not all felony charges involve physical violence. In Baton Rouge and jurisdictions through the United States a person can face serious long-term consequences for alleged criminal acts that they did not even know they were committing or intending to pursue. One such charge is forgery, and this post will explore what is required for such an allegation to be made by criminal prosecutors.

A conviction on a felony charge can have long-term consequences

In Louisiana a person may face criminal charges based upon their alleged violation of different state and federal laws. Their alleged crimes may fall into either the category of misdemeanors or felonies, with the latter category of crimes punished more severely than the former. When confronting serious charges like rape, murder, and others that classify as felonies, individuals may fear that their futures will significantly affected if they are convicted.

Louisiana felony habitual offender law might be reformed

It may come as a surprise to Louisiana residents, but not those who have had run ins with the criminal justice system, that Louisiana has the highest incarceration rate in the world. The state's governor recently announced his plan to overhaul the state's sentencing plan, in an effort to reduce their incarceration rate.

How does theft differ from burglary?

Louisiana residents may use the terms theft and burglary interchangeably, and may not even be aware that there is a crime called larceny, but in fact though these crimes are similar in some respects, there are some major differences between them. They are similar in the sense that they all involve an element of stealing-- taking someone else's property without authorization from them. However, that is where the similarity ends in the eyes of the law.

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

If a Louisiana resident is arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, many people may not be aware that the categorization of the offense determines how the case is treated in the court system. To put it simply, not all criminal charges are created equal-the penalties differ based on the category of crime one is accused of.

Understanding the impact of police misconduct

There are different types of police misconduct but all may have a significant impact on individuals who have been accused of a crime and had an interaction with the police. In addition, police misconduct may be an important aspect of a criminal defense if the police misconduct, such as a violation of procedures and the rights of an accused individual, played a role in the accused individual's case.