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What needs to be proven in an embezzlement case?

When one thinks of the term fraud, they may not be aware that there are specific types of fraud that one can be accused of committing and each different type has specific elements that must be proven in a court of law. Louisiana residents may be quick to brush all deception under the umbrella of fraud, but legally it encompasses a number of crimes and it is important to understand the allegations one is facing if they are to be fought effectively.

Protections are available when facing tax fraud allegations

Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious crimes and can carry serious penalties. When facing an investigation or criminal charges related to tax fraud and tax evasion, it is important for accused individuals to understand how to protect themselves and respond to such charges and allegations. It can be unsettling and overwhelming to be facing allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion, the Internal Revenue Service and criminal charges and possible civil penalties.

Understand how to address tax fraud allegations

Facing a tax fraud or tax evasion investigation can be an alarming experience. It requires working with parts of the federal government which may be intimidating, including working with the Internal Revenue Service. Both individuals and organizations may find themselves in situations requiring guidance regarding tax fraud investigations, charges and other concerns.

What is embezzlement and what do I do if I am charged with it?

There are a variety of crimes that are considered white collar crimes and embezzlement is one of them. In most states, embezzlement refers to the theft of assets by a person that is in a position of responsibility or trust concerning those assets. Embezzlement commonly takes place in employment and corporate situations. Embezzlement can include fraudulent billing, fraudulent payroll checks, payments to non-existent employees, falsification of records or financial schemes.

Copyright infringement considered a white collar crime

An individual or business owner who obtains a copyright seeks to obtain protection for what is known as 'intellectual property.' Copyright protection is provided to things such as photographs, paintings, literary works, software and movies that are deemed to be original works of authorship. When an individual has a copyright, such legal protection is designed to provide the copyright owner with certain legal rights in Louisiana and nationwide.

When is restitution owed following a criminal conviction?

Any Louisianan facing federal criminal charges of course wants to avoid a conviction. Sometimes, however, a defendant may take a plea deal and plead guilty to a charge if he or she believes it may offer advantages over continuing to contest pending criminal charges. In accepting a plea deal, the parties may discuss potential penalties for the crime at issue, including payment of restitution.

Is computer intrusion a form of computer fraud?

There are many different forms of computer fraud. One particular type is known as computer intrusion and differs from many other types of fraud schemes. Often, acts of computer intrusion are never even reported to authorities.

Louisiana attorneys aid business owners facing fraud allegations

Louisiana business owners work hard to build their businesses and protect their good names. In the event that a business owner is charged with a crime, this can jeopardize the success and even survival of a business. There are many white collar crimes that a business owner could be charged with, including various forms of fraud or tax evasion, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Simple reporting mistakes are not tax fraud

Louisiana residents and businesses must pay taxes. Tax laws are complex, and how much individuals and businesses are required to pay is often confusing and may be unclear. When an individual or business intentionally underpays its taxes, the person or company may be charged with tax evasion.

Ponzi schemes are investigated by the SEC

Residents in Louisiana may have heard of a scheme referred to as a Ponzi; however, they may not be familiar with exactly what this term entails. A Ponzi scheme describes a fraudulent investment network in which the funds contributed to the scheme by new investors are used to pay purported returns to previous investors.