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Federal charges require skilled attorney experience

Whether an alleged crime will be pursued in the Louisiana court system or in the federal court system is of critical importance. The procedures, laws and practices differ at the state and federal level. As this blog reported in a previous post, an alleged crime may be a crime at both the state and federal level, but whether prosecutors pursue charges at the state or federal level depends on a number of factors.

Assault and battery are distinct criminal charges in Louisiana

The crimes of assault and battery are commonly grouped together. Louisiana residents may even think they are one crime, but that is not the case, especially when it comes to being charged for these crimes. The criminal charges of assault and battery are actually two separate charges in Louisiana.

What are the consequences for possession of child pornography?

Allegations of creating or possessing online child pornography are often headline-grabbing allegations. It is important for a person charged with such crimes to be aware of his or her rights and develop a strong criminal defense.

White collar crime trial underway for former bitcoin tycoon

A former e-currency banker has recently pleaded not guilty to criminal charges in a federal district court. The e-banker has been charged with two criminal charges: one count of wire fraud and one count of securities fraud.

Real estate heir arrested on criminal charges in Louisiana

A recently-aired HBO documentary received a boon in publicity when its star was arrested just prior to the airing of the sixth and final episode. Police arrested Robert Durst, millionaire member of the wealthy Durst family of New York, whose real estate fortune is estimated to be worth approximately 4 billion dollars, in New Orleans on criminal charges.

FBI: White-collar crime schemes target senior citizens

The term "white-collar crime" encompasses a range of unlawful acts usually motivated by monetary gain. Often, these crimes occur in workplace environments, and they are nonviolent offenses. Fraud is a common type of white-collar crime. A prosecutor accusing a defendant of fraud is alleging an offense involving the deceit of another person or persons for financial gain.

What if I believe there was police misconduct in an arrest?

It's become a frequent news topic for law enforcement to become embroiled in allegations of various forms of abuse when they're supposed to be doing their jobs. When a person in Baton Rouge and throughout the state is arrested and there is a belief that police misconduct was evident in the investigation and arrest, it's important to understand how the FBI defines what are known as "Color of Law" abuses. These laws encompass anyone who is involved in being a legal authority who might have committed a violation.

What are the laws and penalties for a hate crime in Louisiana?

A hate crime will automatically elicit a reaction simply by its connotations. When a person in Louisiana is facing charges related to hate crimes, the allegations will be taken seriously and the penalties can be harsh if there is a conviction. One of the most important aspects of these crimes is understanding how the law of the state defines it.

Understanding the definition and red flags of a Ponzi scheme

Many people in Louisiana might be under the impression that a white collar crime isn't as serious as other types of criminal acts that involve narcotics, violence and theft. However, a white collar crime is treated harshly by law enforcement as they might end up involving a larger number of entities with far more people being negatively affected by its aftermath. One such act that has garnered greater news coverage recently and harmed a vast number of people is a Ponzi scheme.

NFL player released after rumor of possible criminal charges

Louisiana residents may have heard about the San Francisco 49ers' recent release of defensive lineman Ray McDonald. The eight-year NFL veteran was terminated following the initiation of a sexual assault investigation by San Jose police.