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Assault and battery are distinct criminal charges in Louisiana

The crimes of assault and battery are commonly grouped together. Louisiana residents may even think they are one crime, but that is not the case, especially when it comes to being charged for these crimes. The criminal charges of assault and battery are actually two separate charges in Louisiana.

Real estate heir arrested on criminal charges in Louisiana

A recently-aired HBO documentary received a boon in publicity when its star was arrested just prior to the airing of the sixth and final episode. Police arrested Robert Durst, millionaire member of the wealthy Durst family of New York, whose real estate fortune is estimated to be worth approximately 4 billion dollars, in New Orleans on criminal charges.

Veteran Louisiana attorneys defend against criminal charges

If you are facing criminal charges, whether at the federal or state level, you may fear that you do not have any options. It can be daunting to hear what may be a long list of charges that the police are alleging, but it is important to explore the best available options for your defense.

NFL player released after rumor of possible criminal charges

Louisiana residents may have heard about the San Francisco 49ers' recent release of defensive lineman Ray McDonald. The eight-year NFL veteran was terminated following the initiation of a sexual assault investigation by San Jose police.

Blake Griffin facing criminal charges for incident in Vegas

Louisiana residents may have heard about an NBA star that is facing legal implications from an alleged scuffle with another man. The purported Las Vegas incident resulted in misdemeanor criminal charges for the athlete.

Sending picture of sleeping cop may result in criminal charges

A man has found himself in hot water after doing what he believed to be the act of a good citizen. The man now may be facing criminal charges from the Baton Rouge police department for defamation.

What qualifies as custodial interrogation?

A criminal conviction can carry serious penalties with long-term consequences. For this reason, the Supreme Court assured that individuals' Constitutional rights were protected by requiring officers to give a Miranda warning before any custodial interrogation took place. When pursuing criminal charges, any Louisiana officer failing to give notice of an individual's Fifth Amendment rights must suffer the consequences of being unable to use illegally obtained statements at subsequent proceedings.

Criminal charges filed after man accused of stealing at LSU game

A student at Louisiana State University was arrested at a recent home football game. Criminal charges were filed against the student when several items missing from a restricted area were located on the individual.

Man faces domestic assault charges after incident with woman

For people in Baton Rouge, the prospect of punishment after a criminal conviction can be daunting. Regardless of the circumstances of the crime, it's important that the criminal charges be investigated fully to determine the best possible defense. Those who face any kind of criminal offense can have their lives turned upside down because of it and self-protection is paramount.

When can an officer search without a search warrant?

All citizens, whether residing in Louisiana or elsewhere, are protected by the U.S. Constitution's Fourth Amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures. Many individuals know this generally means a police officer must have a warrant to search for or seize evidence. This is not always the case, however.