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Group arrested on numerous charges linked to drug trafficking

In Baton Rouge, being charged with crimes related to drugs can lead to severe penalties. Depending on the circumstances, a person who was caught in a search and seizure related to drugs might face harsh punishments or be eligible for some form of diversionary program without jail time. These penalties on drug charges might have to do with possessing the drugs, drug distribution, drug trafficking and the intent to distribute. Those who are caught up in an arrest or series of arrests due to drugs need to bear in mind their rights and the long-term issues they'll face if they're convicted.

Five arrested in alleged Baton Rouge prescription drug ring

Five people have been arrested in what the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office described as a large prescription drug ring. The five individuals face multiple charges, including drug manufacturing, drug distribution, racketeering and obtaining controlled substances through fraud.

Baton Rouge man faces serious drug charges after search

Many Louisiana drug arrests happen at a traffic stop when police pull over a driver for something simple like a faulty tail light and then search the car. Unless the police find a large amount of drugs in the vehicle, the charges that result from this type of arrest are typically for drug possession. This is no minor charge, but what the authorities really want is to break up drug distribution networks through charges such as drug trafficking.

Louisiana man and woman arrested after police drug sting

Two Louisiana residents face multiple charges after they allegedly sold methamphetamines to undercover police officers. Police said undercover officers bought methamphetamine from the two suspects in a Gonzales parking lot. After making the purchase, police attempted to stop the suspects' car, but the suspects drove away, according to police.

Businessman facing drug charges related to synthetic marijuana

In recent years, smoke shops across the country have sold synthetic marijuana as a supposedly legal alternative to prohibited drugs. However, Louisiana and a number of other states now outlaw the substance, treating it much like other controlled substances, with the same type of penalties associated with traditional drug charges.

Louisiana police make arrests in alleged drug trafficking

Sometimes in Louisiana, one arrest leads to another and then another after that. When police get evidence of drug crimes, they often try to trace the distribution channels of the drug and make as many arrests as they can. Soon a whole group can face drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute, which can carry stiff penalties.

Louisiana man's unpaid speeding ticket leads to drug arrest

Sometimes what starts out looking like a minor incident turns into major legal trouble. Allegations of minor traffic violations can turn into drug charges, with serious consequences.

2 Louisiana men charged with intent to distribute ecstasy

In Louisiana, being convicted of a drug crime carries serious consequences. Individuals who have been accused of drug crimes should explore all of their legal options for mitigating the negative repercussions. Before a court can find a defendant guilty, the prosecution must present sufficient, credible evidence to prove the suspect's culpability beyond a reasonable doubt.

Apartment meth lab exposed in East Baton Rouge Parish

Methamphetamine, a Schedule II controlled dangerous substance, is a central nervous system stimulant that has high potential for abuse. Operating a meth lab in a residential area can cause fires, explosions, pollution, contamination of homes and harm to children. Illegal operation of a meth lab is considered a serious drug crime under Louisiana law.

18 arrested in Louisiana on drug trafficking charges

Being charged with a drug crime is intimidating enough, but when state and federal authorities work together to compile evidence over a lengthy period of time, the person charged with a crime will need an especially strong criminal defense. That is the case for 18 individuals in Louisiana who were arrested and charged with serious drug crimes last month.