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Man arrested on drug charges for methamphetamine and marijuana

Drug possession and related drug charges are treated very seriously in East Baton Rouge. If a person is caught and placed under arrest due to alleged drug crimes, it can have a significant influence on their lives and the lives of their families. They can be subject to a loss of freedom, hefty fines and the stigma of having been convicted of being involved with drugs.

Baton Rouge man faces serious drug charges after search

Many Louisiana drug arrests happen at a traffic stop when police pull over a driver for something simple like a faulty tail light and then search the car. Unless the police find a large amount of drugs in the vehicle, the charges that result from this type of arrest are typically for drug possession. This is no minor charge, but what the authorities really want is to break up drug distribution networks through charges such as drug trafficking.

Baton Rouge grand jury indicts 26 in alleged drug conspiracy

An East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury recently handed down indictments of 26 people in an alleged drug ring. Of those 26 people, several face charges of drug possession or weapons charges, but 15 face charges of racketeering. If convicted, a defendant can be sentenced to up to 50 years on a racketeering charge alone.

Louisiana woman arrested after asking police for help

Many Baton Rouge residents facing drug charges say that their legal troubles began after being pulled over in their cars for a routine traffic stop. Police sometimes pull over a driver who runs a stop sign or who has a malfunctioning tail light, but in the interaction that follows, they discover drugs in the vehicle, and the driver ends up facing charges for drug possession, or worse.

Baton Rouge man to face murder charge in drug overdose

The typical charges for Baton Rouge residents arrested in connection with illegal drugs are drug possession, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing and intent to distribute. An unusual recent case presents another charge that may be filed, murder.

Louisiana man and woman arrested after police drug sting

Two Louisiana residents face multiple charges after they allegedly sold methamphetamines to undercover police officers. Police said undercover officers bought methamphetamine from the two suspects in a Gonzales parking lot. After making the purchase, police attempted to stop the suspects' car, but the suspects drove away, according to police.

Louisiana man falls asleep in car, wakes up to drug charges

Many drug busts in Louisiana begin as simple traffic stops. For example, police might pull over a car for a broken tail light and, one way or another, end the encounter with the driver facing serious drug charges.

Six arrested in alleged East Baton Rouge drug ring

Drug charges in Louisiana can come about in many different ways. Possession and other lesser drug charges can come from a simple traffic stop, when police happen across someone who has drugs in their car. However, drug trafficking charges tend to come after a large investigation.

Businessman facing drug charges related to synthetic marijuana

In recent years, smoke shops across the country have sold synthetic marijuana as a supposedly legal alternative to prohibited drugs. However, Louisiana and a number of other states now outlaw the substance, treating it much like other controlled substances, with the same type of penalties associated with traditional drug charges.

Baton Rouge man faces drug and counterfeiting charges

Generally, police need a warrant before they can enter a person's home, but there are many exceptions to the rule. Perhaps the most straightforward exception is when someone consents to let them enter.