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What are the consequences for a hate crime conviction?

The term hate crime has a strong negative connotation. It is a forceful accusation to make against someone. It is not only a crime under Louisiana law, but it is also a federal crime.

Assault and battery are distinct criminal charges in Louisiana

The crimes of assault and battery are commonly grouped together. Louisiana residents may even think they are one crime, but that is not the case, especially when it comes to being charged for these crimes. The criminal charges of assault and battery are actually two separate charges in Louisiana.

What are the consequences for possession of child pornography?

Allegations of creating or possessing online child pornography are often headline-grabbing allegations. It is important for a person charged with such crimes to be aware of his or her rights and develop a strong criminal defense.

Attorneys adept at defending against internet crime allegations

The existence of the internet has created a whole new range of potential criminal acts. In a previous post, this blog reported on a trial underway against a man who the police allege defrauded others out of bitcoins, an e-currency. The man was charged with wire fraud and securities fraud, both of which are considered to be white collar criminal charges.

What constitutes kidnapping of a child in Louisiana?

The taking of a child is a serious offense. Kidnapping a child is a felony that may be prosecuted under state or federal law. Different forms of child abduction under Louisiana law are based on who allegedly took the child, the age of the child, and why the child may have been taken.

Have I committed computer fraud?

Computer fraud, also known as internet fraud, covers a wide range of activities that use a computer or the internet. Prosecutors alleging computer fraud are alleging that an accused has dishonestly used a computer to attempt to incite another person into taking an action, or not taking an action, that will cause the other person loss. Computer fraud charges are often federal crimes.

Veteran Louisiana attorneys defend against criminal charges

If you are facing criminal charges, whether at the federal or state level, you may fear that you do not have any options. It can be daunting to hear what may be a long list of charges that the police are alleging, but it is important to explore the best available options for your defense.

Former baseball star faces felony charges after Louisiana arrest

Those who are convicted on sex crime charges in Louisiana face an uphill battle even after they serve time, pay fines or otherwise deal with the immediate penalties. While all those convicted of felonies carry that status with them, those convicted of sex crimes must also confirm their status by registering as a sex offender.

FBI: White-collar crime schemes target senior citizens

The term "white-collar crime" encompasses a range of unlawful acts usually motivated by monetary gain. Often, these crimes occur in workplace environments, and they are nonviolent offenses. Fraud is a common type of white-collar crime. A prosecutor accusing a defendant of fraud is alleging an offense involving the deceit of another person or persons for financial gain.

What are the laws and penalties for a hate crime in Louisiana?

A hate crime will automatically elicit a reaction simply by its connotations. When a person in Louisiana is facing charges related to hate crimes, the allegations will be taken seriously and the penalties can be harsh if there is a conviction. One of the most important aspects of these crimes is understanding how the law of the state defines it.