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Child pornography discovered in a Louisiana city computer

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2013 | Firm News |

Child pornography has been detected on a Louisiana city computer. A cyber crime unit linked to the FBI confirmed that they have found child pornography in the computer at the Louisiana Water Department.

According to the cyber crime unit, two pings for child pornography were found in the computer in two successive months. The unit also confirmed that apart from child pornography, other adult pornography has also been detected from the computer and has been seized. These are considered federal crimes.

However, the cyber crime unit has not yet been able to discover the person who is responsible for the federal crime of accessing the child pornography. Initially, the unit concluded that the pornography may have been placed in the department’s computer by hackers as they previously had discovered that hackers had entered another city computer.

Upon further investigation, the cyber crime unit discovered that hackers did not place the pornography on the computer.. It is difficult to prove that a particular person actually committed the crime as the computer is accessed by the 10 different employees. The St. Charles County Cyber Crime Unit has taken up the task of trying to prove the suspect’s guilt.

The person responsible for the crime of accessing online child pornography has committed a federal crime under Louisiana Law. Hence, the person may face federal charges, which can be very harsh. An investigation of the charges and a consequent conviction of the criminal charges can have dire consequences for the person, both professionally and personally.

The accused should seek the advice of an experienced attorney and prepare the criminal defense of the case as quickly as possible. The suspect, with the help of an attorney, can develop strategies to dismiss the case, reduce charges, or negotiate a favorable plea. A qualified attorney can also ensure that the rights of the accused are protected.

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