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Two Louisiana women charged with prescription drug fraud

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2013 | Firm News |

Louisiana and federal laws treat abuse of prescription medications very much like the way they treat illegal drugs. Those who are accused of forging prescriptions or otherwise breaking the law in an effort to obtain or distribute prescription drugs can land in a lot of trouble, with some of the same penalties they would face for charges associated with cocaine or other street drugs.

Two Louisiana women were arrested recently after police said they dropped of a fraudulent prescription for Adderall at a pharmacy. One of the women was age 30, the other only 17. Both were charged with obtaining Schedule II controlled substances by fraud and possession with intent to distribute. Both were booked into jail on $30,000 bonds.

Commonly prescribed to treat attention deficit disorder, Adderall is a form of amphetamine. It is sometimes abused by students who wish to stay alert while studying for finals, but it can be addictive and carries risks of side effects.

Federal law classifies controlled substances into different schedules, depending upon the drug’s power, the potential for abuse and its potential use in medicine. Schedule I includes illegal drugs such as marijuana and heroin. Schedule II includes some opium and coca derivatives. Penalties for drug charges generally get more serious depending upon the schedule classification of the drug and the amount found.

Louisiana residents who have been accused of crimes involving prescription drugs or other controlled substances need help understanding the charges against them and the potential penalties. The consequences of a conviction on drug charges can be severe and they can be long-lasting, but the accused do deserve a defense. With the right defense strategy, they may be able to avoid or minimize the damage to their freedom and their futures.

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