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Louisiana man arrested on suspicion of raping 12-year-old

by | Jan 14, 2014 | Firm News |


The laws regarding sexual exploitation of children in Louisiana are very strict and prosecutors can be zealous in trying to make sure those convicted receive the maximum penalty. At the same time, juries and the general public are unlikely to have much sympathy for those accused of these crimes. Even close friends of the accused may turn their backs when such allegations come to light. At times like these, a strong criminal defense is extremely important.

Recently, police reported that they had arrested a Louisiana man in connection with allegations he had raped a 12-year-old girl. The man was being held without bail in a St. Mary Parish jail.

Police said the alleged incident occurred last November. Police said the man is also suspected of stealing a car from the girl’s home.

Those who are convicted of sex crimes against children in Louisiana are likely to face lengthy prison sentences and fines. Even after they are released from prison, they will likely have to register with the sex offender registry wherever they live, which is likely to interfere with their ability to secure decent employment or housing for years to come.

Building a criminal defense in these cases takes a lot of work and a lot of sensitivity. When accused of sexual assault against an adult, the defendant may admit to having sex with the other person, but can claim that the other person consented to the act. When the alleged victim is a child, however, there can be no legal consent to sexual contact. As the stakes are high and such a case may prove to be difficult, Louisiana attorney with experience in many aspects of criminal defense may be able to help the accused find the defense strategy that works best under the circumstances.

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