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Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles employee charged with theft

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Firm News |


White collar crime is a loosely defined category that includes embezzlement, tax fraud, insider trading and other sophisticated offenses. Because these crimes tend to occur in the workplace or be related to one’s occupation, Louisiana residents can find it very difficult to find jobs after they have been hit with allegations of white collar crimes.

Recently, a former employee of the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles was arrested and charged with felony theft and malfeasance in office after State Police said she took money that motorists had paid in fees and fines and kept it for herself. Authorities said the woman also used state computers to alter records to cover up her theft.

State Police said that there may be more charges filed against the woman. As of this writing, the total of her alleged theft was $500.

Embezzlement is a type of theft perpetrated by someone in a position of trust or authority over the stolen assets. It is often alleged in the workplace setting. When the workplace is a government agency, embezzlement charges may be enhanced by anti-corruption charges.

Louisiana residents accused of these crimes must face well-funded prosecutors and juries that are unlikely to be sympathetic. Establishing a defense against white collar crime charges requires sophistication and creativity. Louisiana attorneys who have defended clients against embezzlement, fraud and related charges can help the accused to assess their options and build the strongest defense strategy they can. A strong defense could ultimately reduce penalties associated with the charges, depending on the circumstances of each unique case.

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