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Police arrest 8 in crackdown on growing heroin trade in Louisiana

On Behalf of | May 28, 2014 | Firm News |


Over the past few years, the authorities in Louisiana and across the nation have been increasingly concerned about an apparent rise in the trade of heroin. Police have said that they are seeing an increase in use of the opiate drug in the New Orleans metro area and surrounding parishes.

Recently, eight people were arrested in St. Bernard Parish after police said they had broken up a heroin operation. The St. Bernard Parish Sheriff’s Office said that officers used confidential informants and other means to identify suspects in the alleged heroin ring. The Sheriff’s Office said it is engaged in a crackdown aimed at driving heroin out of the parish.

One of those arrested is suspected of selling the drug after police said they saw him selling drugs out of a car. After the New Orleans man was in custody, police said he received calls from at least two people who were hoping to buy heroin from him. Police said they set up meetings with these callers under the pretense of arranging drug deals, and then arrested them for what they said was attempted possession of heroin.

The penalties for drug offenses can vary widely depending upon the type of drug, the amount involved and the various state and federal laws that may apply. Heroin is typically considered one of the most dangerous street drugs, and penalties are especially severe for heroin-related offenses. Those charged with having a small amount of the drug may face possession charges. Those found with more than a specified amount on their person are assumed to have the intent to distribute the drug, and therefore can face the more severe penalties that come with drug trafficking charges.

Because the penalties that come with a conviction on drug charges are so severe, it is crucial that Louisiana residents facing these charges have a strong defense. Louisiana attorneys with experience defending people against these charges can help the accused to understand how to craft a strong defense strategy.

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