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Movie executive accused of fraud in tax credit case

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2014 | Firm News |


The term “white collar crime” commonly refers to a wide variety of unlawful activity, including embezzlement, tax fraud and insider trading. What these crimes have in common is their setting in the workplace, or as part of a person’s occupation. The reference to shirt collars was meant to differentiate these activities from more violent crimes that take place at home or on the street. However, those who have faced allegations of white collar crimes will attest that there’s nothing genteel about the charges they face and the penalties they will suffer if they are convicted.

A movie executive now faces felony charges that he organized a fraudulent scheme through Louisiana’s film tax credit. Prosecutors say the man’s Seven Arts Entertainment received more than $1 million in tax subsidies to turn an old New Orleans mansion into a production studio, but never actually completed the work.

In a recent interview, the man defended himself against the new charges. Long known as an expert in offshore tax havens, the movie executive has caught the notice of federal investigators in the past. He claims that prosecutors are targeting him now partly because the Justice Department was unable to win a conviction against him in another case dating back to 1997.

Those who are facing federal charges in complex white collar crime cases are up against a formidable opponent. Federal prosecutors have great resources at their disposal and they can be very aggressive in trying to obtain a prosecution.

One of the cornerstones of the criminal justice system is the idea that everyone must be considered innocent until proven guilty. Everyone deserves a defense. Louisiana attorneys with experience defending against white collar crime charges can help clients to build a defense strategy.


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