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Formulating a strong defense for drug charges in Baton Rouge

by | Sep 25, 2014 | Firm News |


Many things will go through a person’s mind when confronted with drug charges in Baton Rouge. Because the drug issue is treated so seriously by law enforcement, there is the possibility of serious consequences in the event of a conviction. This can include hefty fines and extensive jail sentences. This is contingent on the nature of the crime and how severe it is.

Whether the criminal charges are of the state of federal variety, it is imperative that a strong defense be formulated to try and receive an acquittal on the charges. Short of an acquittal, there are other options available such as a plea bargain or the enrollment in a drug diversion program in lieu of prison time.

With massive fines and long prison sentences, it’s not a simple matter of an alleged criminal being punished for drug charges. In some instances, the charges are not valid and the person who is accused is innocent. In others, the individual got involved in a situation that he or she regrets and is now confronted with a litany of penalties that are making far more serious allegations than the actual level of involvement predicates. A person who has a job and family and was caught up in a drug arrest will likely have their entire lives turned upside down even before the trial. If there is a conviction, the person will have years of his or her life taken as punishment.

Because of the long-term nature of a conviction on drug charges, having a quality legal defense is a foundational decision that must be made right away. The prosecution will do whatever it can to achieve a conviction and the defendant needs to understand his or her rights immediately upon arrest. Contacting and discussing the matter with a qualified legal professional experienced in drug cases is a key to achieving the best possible result in dealing with the charges.