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Real estate heir arrested on criminal charges in Louisiana

by | Mar 27, 2015 | Firm News |

A recently-aired HBO documentary received a boon in publicity when its star was arrested just prior to the airing of the sixth and final episode. Police arrested Robert Durst, millionaire member of the wealthy Durst family of New York, whose real estate fortune is estimated to be worth approximately 4 billion dollars, in New Orleans on criminal charges.

Mr. Durst is the subject of a documentary that aired on HBO regarding his storied past. Police link Mr. Durst to three deaths in three different states. He maintains his innocence in all three matters. A jury acquitted Mr. Durst of the 2001 killing of his neighbor in Texas. He asserted he acted in self-defense. Police suspect Mr. Durst may have played a role in his wife’s 1982 disappearance from New York, but no charges have been filed. The case that led to his recent arrest, however, is the 2000 murder of his friend, Susan Berman, in California.

During an interview for the HBO documentary, the filmmakers captured video footage of Mr. Durst saying “What . . . did I do? Killed them all, of course.” The filmmakers shared this footage with police, and this in part led to Mr. Durst’s recent arrest in Louisiana. When arrested, Mr. Durst was allegedly in possession of both marijuana and a revolver. Mr. Durst is a convicted felon, and Louisiana prosecutors charged him with felonies for gun possession by a convicted felon and possession of marijuana. Los Angeles prosecutors have also charged him with murder for the death of Ms. Berman.

These are serious allegations against Mr. Durst and he continues to assert his innocence in Ms. Berman’s death. With the television spotlight already shining on Mr. Durst, Louisiana residents are likely going to hear more about this matter and his defense.

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