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Veteran Louisiana attorneys defend against criminal charges

by | Mar 11, 2015 | Firm News |


If you are facing criminal charges, whether at the federal or state level, you may fear that you do not have any options. It can be daunting to hear what may be a long list of charges that the police are alleging, but it is important to explore the best available options for your defense.

In a previous post, this blog reported on the arrest of a group of nine men for activities allegedly connected with a drug ring, from drug distribution to unlawful use of a communications facility. These are serious and complex crimes made even more complicated by the fact that the police are alleging involvement of multiple people which creates more players and more information to process.

It is essential for anyone facing state or federal criminal charges to be aware of their rights. Experienced criminal defense attorneys will acquaint themselves with every relevant fact of a particular alleged crime in order to best serve their client. Thorough research into both the intricacies of the charges, as well as research of relevant case law, can help a client by ensuring that all available avenues of defense are explored. Courtroom experience is invaluable for catching weaknesses in the prosecution’s case during trial. Federal sentencing guidelines can be very complex, calling for mandatory prison sentences or other harsh penalties, and a thorough knowledge of these guidelines is vital.

For more information on how veteran criminal defense attorneys can help craft a forceful defense or carry out a plea negotiation for the client’s benefit, please visit our website.