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Louisianans facing felony charges can benefit from an attorney

by | Jul 31, 2015 | Firm News |


A Louisiana felony conviction can forever alter the course of a Louisianan’s life. From having to list their felony status on job applications, to not being able to vote, a felony conviction can have consequences beyond the specific court-imposed penalties of prison sentences and fines. A felony conviction may lead a Louisianans to experience embarrassment, shame or face difficulties with his or her family. Therefore, it is essential to aggressively pursue a defense to any felony charges to try to avoid a conviction and these possibly life-altering consequences.

Just as there are many possible and potential long-term consequences following a felony conviction, there is a wide range of felony crimes for which a person may be investigated. From forgery, which this blog reported on in a previous post, to child abduction to computer fraud, the potential for felony criminal charges are numerous. Additionally, prosecutors may pursue felony criminal charges at the state or federal level. What this means is that there is no one clear-cut path to take to determine how to defend against criminal charges.

Fortunately, the attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen have experience defending clients at both the state and federal level against a wide variety of potential criminal charges. Before a person is criminally charged, he or she may face a police investigation. It can be beneficial, and potentially even prevent prosecutors from ever bringing criminal charges, if an attorney becomes involved at this initial investigatory stage. An attorney can counsel a client in such a situation regarding how to talk to police and what information may be appropriate to provide.

Having attorney guidance while a person navigates the often unfamiliar and frightening world of criminal law can change the course of a person’s life for the better. Additional information about facing felony charges is available on our webpage.