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Defense attorneys counsel Louisianans charged with crimes

by | Nov 6, 2015 | Firm News |


When individuals in Louisiana learn that he or she has been charged with a crime or is being investigated for alleged criminal activity, it can be a shock. The accused will undoubtedly want to do everything possible to protect his or her rights, because whether a felony or misdemeanor or at the state or federal level, criminal convictions carry the possibility of serious consequences. As a previous post reported, even those charged with misdemeanors in Baton Rouge may be facing an increased possibility of jail time.

Therefore, when a person has been charged with a crime or anticipates that he or she might be charged with a crime, it is essential to have skilled legal counsel to provide expert advice. The law partners of Hymel Davis & Petersen have extensive legal experience practicing criminal defense. Among them are former veteran state and federal prosecutors. Their experience affords them advantages of knowing how to navigate the legal system and negotiate with prosecutors for their clients’ benefit.

The attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen have a vast range of experience in a variety of different types of criminal law. From helping clients accused of healthcare fraud and environmental crimes, to those facing corporate or individual investigations by the Internal Revenue Service for alleged tax fraud, the firm’s attorneys are familiar with the complexities of each of these fields, as well as what it takes to successfully defend against charges that an individual is facing.

A skilled criminal defense attorney, such as those at the firm of Hymel Davis & Petersen, has helped past clients significantly alter the course of their legal proceedings for the better. For additional information about the services that Hymel Davis & Petersen can provide for their clients, please visit our webpage. This could provide general information, helping inform individuals about the possible criminal defense options.