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Criminal charges pending for couple after domestic dispute

On Behalf of | Apr 28, 2016 | Firm News |


Arguments between domestic partners can become heated quickly. When those arguments involve beloved pets, emotions may become even more enflamed. Both partners of a Baton Rouge couple have found themselves facing criminal charges after a domestic dispute grew heated, and physical, recently.

The incident began with an argument between a 28 year old male and his 19 year old live-in girlfriend of over five years. According to a police report from the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office, during an argument the female began throwing her boyfriend’s belongings outdoors and then began bleaching his clothes. The male proceeded to throw his girlfriend’s pet guinea pig with such force that the animal died. Upon telling his girlfriend that the animal had died, the parties’ argument escalated into a physical altercation and both individuals began punching each other. According to the police report, the girlfriend then left the house.

Police state that both parties appear unclear about exactly how the physical fighting started. The female contends she does not remember how the physical fighting began, and the male’s account of the events allegedly varied in terms of who initiated the physical aspects of the couple’s altercation.

The boyfriend is now facing charges of both animal cruelty and domestic abuse, and his girlfriend is facing one count of domestic abuse. Both parties were booked into Parish Prison. Whether this matter will proceed to a criminal trial, be settled through plea negotiation, or be dismissed entirely remains to be seen, but both parties may find that they can benefit from the advice of a criminal defense attorney, who may be able to help them better protect their legal rights.


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