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June 2016 Archives

Criminal charges elevated to murder after drug overdose

Louisiana law contains a large number of criminal drug offenses. A person convicted of a drug offense may face a fine and time in prison, in addition to the stigma of having a drug conviction on his or her record. The state's drug laws involve a wide variety of criminal activity, including possession, distribution, and trafficking of illegal drugs. Interestingly, a Louisiana case that appeared to be simply drug-related has recently been elevated to include criminal charges of murder.

Louisiana attorneys aid business owners facing fraud allegations

Louisiana business owners work hard to build their businesses and protect their good names. In the event that a business owner is charged with a crime, this can jeopardize the success and even survival of a business. There are many white collar crimes that a business owner could be charged with, including various forms of fraud or tax evasion, as this blog reported in a previous post.

Prosecutors pursue alleged federal crimes involving children

A Louisianan accused of a crime involving a child may be facing a difficult uphill battle. Alleged crimes that involve exploiting children certainly carry a stigma that no Louisianan wants to bear. Whether it is the prostitution of children or sex trafficking of minors, these are serious crimes.

What constitutes the federal crime of larceny?

Larceny is a relatively simple crime. Under federal law, the crime of larceny encompasses the taking, withholding or obtaining of an item of personal property, something else of value or money from either the person who owns the money or item or from another person. Larceny can happen by any means under federal law.

Louisiana may add police as protected classes for hate crimes

A hate crime is a criminal act in which a perpetrator acts based on animus for another's ethnicity, gender, religion, race, disability or sexual orientation. In Louisiana, police officers and other public safety personnel, including firefighters, may soon be included as a protected class, making it a hate crime to target these persons.

Simple reporting mistakes are not tax fraud

Louisiana residents and businesses must pay taxes. Tax laws are complex, and how much individuals and businesses are required to pay is often confusing and may be unclear. When an individual or business intentionally underpays its taxes, the person or company may be charged with tax evasion.