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Louisiana Senator faces criminal charge following domestic fight

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Firm News |


A Louisiana state Senator has found himself facing potential legal trouble after a recent arrest. State Senator Troy Brown, a second-term senator who represents Ascension Parish District 2, was arrested recently at his home in Geismar.

The arrest followed a telephone call by Senator Brown’s wife, Toni Brown, to local deputies. According to Ms. Brown’s allegations, Senator Brown, age 44, became angry and bit her. Following the arrest, bail for the senator was set at $5,000. Senator Brown posted the bail and was released from jail.

The alleged altercation has resulted in a charge of simple battery against Senator Brown. This charge is the second criminal charge for the senator in a year. He was previously arrested in November in New Orleans following an alleged altercation with his girlfriend after a football game. At that time, the Senator’s girlfriend contended that he punched her in the eye. Senator Brown pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge of domestic abuse battery that arose from that altercation.

Allegations of domestic assault are serious criminal charges. A conviction for domestic abuse battery can result in the imposition of fines, as well as jail time of up to six months for a first offense, with a potentially longer sentence for subsequent offenses. Simple battery can also lead to fines and a jail sentence if convicted. Convictions such as these may severely mar a person’s reputation, particularly when that person is a public figure, such as Senator Brown. Anyone who is facing criminal charges for domestic assault would be wise to seek legal counsel to protect their rights and prepare a competent legal defense that seeks to protect their freedom and reputation.


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