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The importance of legal help when arrested on drug charges

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2016 | Firm News |


For those in Baton Rouge who find themselves under arrest for drug charges, there will be a great deal to consider in the immediate and for the future. The level of charges they will face will vary and will be contingent on the alleged crimes. This is also true with the potential penalties. Depending on the crime they are accused of committing, there could be moderately small consequences, or there could be serious consequences that will affect them for a significant period of time. Regardless of the circumstances, the most important factor in the case is often having a strong legal defense.

There can be a wide variety of drug offenses that a person might face. The possession of drug paraphernalia might mean nothing more than recreational use of a technically illegal drug and the individual could be under the impression that the possible penalties are not substantial enough to be greatly concerned about an arrest. However, these charges can cost money in fines, lead to jail time and follow that person around for an extended period if not the rest of his or her life.

There could also be charges related to selling drugs at some level. Whether that is due to a person being accused of acting as a high-level distributor, a middleman or a low-level dealer, being arrested and confronted with these drug charges can damage the future. A common mistake after an arrest is often to speak to law enforcement before consulting with a lawyer. Even if this has happened, it is still imperative to have legal help as the case moves forward to perhaps try and have the case dismissed, reduce the charges, or go to trial and seek an acquittal.

When arrested on a drug charge of any level, the key that must be remembered is how a legal professional can provide assistance in the case. Speaking to an experienced attorney who has knowledge and history of working with clients dealing with drug crimes is the first step that should be taken to plan for a defense.