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Defense counsel essential for Louisianans facing drug charges

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2016 | Firm News |


Many Louisianans will find themselves dealing with the criminal justice system at some point in their lives. Whether an individual is a defendant him or herself, or a family member or loved one is facing criminal charges, it can be helpful to be knowledgeable about the criminal justice system. Specifically, when an individual is facing drug charges, he or she will want to make smart choices to protect his or her rights and freedom.

One crucial choice that an individual who is facing criminal charges for a drug offense will want to make is regarding legal representation. The attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen are experienced Baton Rouge attorneys who regularly defend clients charged with all manner of drug offenses, from possession of drug paraphernalia to drug trafficking. Criminal charges can quickly mount when an individual is suspected of a drug offense, such as when prosecutors seek to pursue drug trafficking charges in conjunction with other criminal charges like conspiracy, as this blog reported in a previous post. Such prosecutorial action often necessitates that a defendant engage aggressive legal counsel on his or her behalf.

The attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen have a history of negotiating with prosecutors, and, when appropriate, aiming to reduce charges. They have relentlessly pursued justice on a client’s behalf. Many in the public may forget that all individuals are innocent until proven otherwise, but this is something that the attorneys of Hymel Davis & Petersen keep at the forefront of their practice in representing individuals charged with drug crimes and other criminal offenses.

Additional information about the firm’s legal services is available at the following webpage. Regardless of the nature of the charges that an individual is facing, it is essential to consider having a strong legal defense to ensure that a Louisianan’s rights are protected.