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Louisiana woman facing serious felony drug charges

by | Dec 30, 2016 | Drug Charges |


Any type of drug charge is a serious matter. A traffic stop in Louisiana recently turned into the arrest of a Louisiana woman on multiple serious felony drug charges. The 47-year old woman is facing 5 drug charges following being stopped by authorities after police allege they observed her driving erratically to the left of the center line of the roadway. Authorities allegedly found loose prescription pills in the woman’s purse prior to her producing her driver’s license.

The woman was arrested, taken to jail and charged with possession of a Schedule II narcotic; possession of a Schedule III drug; charges of possession of a Schedule IV drug; and a traffic offense. All of the drug charges the woman is facing are felony charges. The woman is accused of being illegally in possession of prescription drugs. It is important to keep in mind that individuals can wind up facing drug charges for possession of a variety of different types of drugs including illegal narcotics and prescription drugs illegally possessed or obtained.

There are important rules, requirements and procedures police must follow when conducting traffic stops or search and seizure activities. The procedures police must follow are based on the important rights of accused individuals. The rights accused individuals enjoy function as important protections when their freedom and future are at stake such as when they are facing drug charges. Criminal defense rights can sometimes seem complex but it is important to be familiar with them and understand when they may have been violated.

A criminal defense response to drug charges may be based on violations of the accused individual’s rights committed by authorities. There are a variety of different methods of responding to criminal charges that are available to accused individuals through the criminal justice process which is why it is worthwhile to be familiar with them.

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