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Man in Baton Rouge faces drug charges following traffic stop

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Drug Charges |


This blog recently discussed different types of police misconduct and the ways it can significantly impact individuals accused of crimes when it occurs. According to police, a man in Baton Rouge is facing drug charges following a recent traffic stop. Police reported that the traffic stop took place because of the man’s failure to use a turn signal when turning. He was charged with possession of Schedules I and II drugs, as well as other criminal and traffic-related charges. Also according to police, the man initially ignored flashing lights and sirens when they attempted to conduct the traffic stop.

Following a search of the man’s car, police reported finding ecstasy, Hydroxine pills, Loratab pills and small bags of crack cocaine and marijuana. The accused also allegedly had $422 in cash on him. It is important for police to follow required procedures when executing an arrest of an individual accused of a crime which includes when stopping, searching or seizing them. The procedures police are required to follow are based on the rights all individuals accused of crimes enjoy.

In addition to protections concerning search and seizure, individuals accused of crimes enjoy a variety of different protections including the right to a criminal defense. A strong criminal defense strategy will take into account any police violations of procedure related to the arrest of the accused individual. If the accused individual’s rights have been violated related to an arrest, collection of evidence or in other circumstances, it can have an impact on the charges they are facing.

A strong criminal defense strategy may be able to reduce the charges and potential penalties and consequences the accused individual is facing. As a result, it is important for accused individuals to be familiar with the criminal defense protections available to them and how to use them to the fullest extent possible.

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