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Protections are available when facing tax fraud allegations

by | Feb 10, 2017 | Firm News |


Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious crimes and can carry serious penalties. When facing an investigation or criminal charges related to tax fraud and tax evasion, it is important for accused individuals to understand how to protect themselves and respond to such charges and allegations. It can be unsettling and overwhelming to be facing allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion, the Internal Revenue Service and criminal charges and possible civil penalties.

In addition, individuals or others facing tax fraud allegations and allegations of tax evasion may be facing possible criminal consequences, as well as civil proceedings related to claims of tax fraud and tax evasion. Civil and criminal actions accused individuals may face can include tax fraud allegations; tax evasion allegations; allegations for failure to file; allegations of fraudulent filings; underreporting allegations; allegations of falsifying records; or allegations of concealing assets.

It is important to understand how to respond to either criminal tax evasion charges or civil tax evasion allegations. It can be essential for accused individual to understand how to protect themselves in both settings and if they are under investigation. It is always useful for individuals facing any type of criminal charges to be familiar with their criminal defense rights and protections and ways to challenge the legal actions against them.

Tax filing can be complicated so being familiar with resources available to help guide accused individuals through the process of defending and protecting themselves against allegations of tax fraud and tax invasion is important. It can be critical to protecting both their freedom and their future.