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High-profile Louisiana official charged with fraud

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2019 | White Collar Crimes |

The Louisiana State Police has arrested a member of the state tax commission on charges related to financial misconduct. Following an investigation by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor and the LSP Criminal Investigation Division, the 51-year-old man was taken in on Jan. 11 on suspicion of fraud and malfeasance.

The investigation into alleged fraud began in May 2018 after State Police were informed of possible payroll fraud by the Louisiana Legislative Auditor. According to investigators, the 51-year-old man claimed and was paid for work time that was not actually completed for the Louisiana Tax Commission. In addition, he was allegedly seen using state rental vehicles on multiple occasions for personal use. The man also submitted fuel reimbursement requests for the vehicle use.

The alleged offenses were enough for state police to charge the man of one count malfeasance in office, one count public payroll fraud and 63 counts of filing or maintaining false public records. It has not been reported how the accused man will plead to the charges. Authorities say that the case is still under investigation.

When a person is mistakenly accused of a white-collar crime such as fraud, this naturally might engender feelings of helplessness and fear. After all, someone convicted of white-collar crimes can instantly lose a reputation built over decades. However, the accused could secure legal advice from an experienced attorney. Legal counsel could potentially help the client stay grounded and calm in the face of legal challenges. If necessary, the lawyer could gather evidence and testimony to help clear the name of the defendant.