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Business owner prevails in lawsuit filed by city

Many Louisiana businesses engage in commercial litigation when legal disputes arise. In some cases, the issues involve zoning and permitting problems. Recently, a swamp tour business in St. Martin won a ruling in its favor regarding a lawsuit that was filed by the St. Martin Parish Council.

How to prevent contract disputes

Unfortunately, contract disputes are relatively common for businesses in Louisiana and throughout the nation. Although there's no way to absolutely safeguard against litigation risk, taking a few basic precautions can significantly reduce any organization's legal exposure. For starters, it's useful to notarize all signatures on commercial contracts. Notarization can remove any hint of doubt that an important signature is authentic. As incredible as it might seem, it's not unusual for people to sign contracts and later claim their signatures were forged. Even if it means risking perjury charges, signatories may be willing to lie for perceived financial gain.

How businesses can address breaches of contract

Businesses in Louisiana may do everything they can to protect themselves by drawing up contracts and working to create clear agreements. On far too many occasions, however, other parties fail to follow through on an agreement, causing significant damages for the business. When creating a business contract, the agreement includes obligations for each of the parties involved. If one party fails to follow through on their pledge, this is known as a breach of contract.