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Rape conviction reversed after 45 years in prison

The conviction of a man for rape was recently reversed after a district judge reviewed the record of his criminal trial. The man was released from prison after serving 45 years. The case provides a powerful example of how prosecutors can exceed their powers and how criminal charges based on weak evidence can result in the imprisonment of an innocent person.

Prostitution sting leads to 57 arrests in Shreveport

The Shreveport Police Department announced that 57 persons had been arrested in connection with what the department called the "Slick John" sting operation. The sting operation was conducted by the vice department of the Shreveport police, the Bossier City Police Department, the Bossier Parish Sheriff's Office, the FBI and several other law enforcement agencies.

Shooting deaths mar Grambling homecoming

College homecoming celebrations often involve wild partying. Unfortunately, the partying became fatal as Grambling State in Monroe, Louisiana, celebrated its homecoming. According to police, two men were allegedly shot and killed by a third man, who is now the principal suspect in the incident. If captured, the suspect will undoubtedly face serious criminal charges.

Fraternity hazing death leads to 10 arrests at LSU

Most college freshman who decide to join fraternities or sororities understand that they will be subject to various hazing rituals, but few expect the hazing to become fatal. Some of these rituals, however, involve conduct that could prove dangerous, even lethal. The recent death of a freshman at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge demonstrates how hazing can cross the line from relatively harmless fun to serious criminal charges.

Four teens charged with causing $6,000 damage to tree farm

When a tree farmer near Pearl River, Louisiana, discovered that nine of his trees were destroyed by vandals, he hired "a whole lot of eyes" to watch his trees. The "eyes" were surveillance cameras. The use of the cameras led to the arrest of four teenagers, who now face criminal charges for vandalism.

Tennessee's most-wanted criminal arrested in Louisiana

Louisiana and her neighboring states often cooperate in tracking and arresting persons wanted for serious crimes. A recent example of this cooperation occurred in New Orleans when police arrested a man for shoplifting, only to discover that he was one of Tennessee's 10 most-wanted criminals and was facing serious criminal charges in the Volunteer State.

Experts clash on question of mother's sanity during killings

Louisiana's insanity defense was on full display when psychiatric experts retained by the defendant in a homicide case clashed with similar experts retained by the prosecutors in a criminal trial. The mother is facing a variety of criminal charges, including first-degree murder, in connection with the murder of her two young children in 2012. The mother is charged with fatally shooting her 3-year old son and drowning her 4-year-old daughter. In earlier testimony, the defendant confessed that she killed her children to spare them a life of poverty.

Murder conviction set aside after lawyer found to be ineffective

Every criminal defendant has a constitutional right to be represented by a competent lawyer. Even murder convictions can be set aside if the court believes that the defendant's lawyer did not provide an effective defense to the criminal charges in the case. In a recent case, an Orleans parish judge reversed a murder conviction after finding that the defendant's attorney did not provide a competent defense.

State computer leads to arrest on child pornography charges

Most people who are arrested and charged for possession or sale of child pornography use they home computers for the criminal activity. In a remarkable variation on this theme, the recent arrest of a former employee of the Louisiana Secretary of State's office was facilitated by the defendant's use of his office computer to acquire the illegal images. The man now faces a number of potentially serious criminal charges.

Domestic assault: hearing both sides of the story

Domestic violence, sometimes called domestic assault or domestic abuse, occurs when a person assaults or abuses a member of their family or household. It can include a pattern or cycle of violence and can involve physical violence, emotional abuse and other forms of inflicted harm. In Louisiana and jurisdictions throughout the country, domestic violence charges can be alleged in marital relationships, parent-child relationships, relationships that involve unmarried cohabitation and other domestic situations.