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Drug Charges Archives

$90,000 award for no-knock raid on wrong house affirmed

Knocking on the wrong door can be embarrassing, but when the police knock on the wrong door, embarrassment does not adequately describe the reaction of the people who live in the house. When a sheriff's office SWAT team executed a no-knock warrant on the wrong house in Labadieville in 2013, the result was an award of $90,000 in damages to the family whose home was wrongly entered. The award was recently affirmed by a Louisiana appellate court.

Traffic stop leads to discovery of $825,000 stash of heroin

Routine Louisiana traffic stops commonly involve little more than the issuance of a ticket for speeding or some other traffic law. Occasionally, traffic stops result in an arrest for DUI. On rare occasions, traffic stops can lead to further investigations and an arrest for a more serious crime.

Three arrested on drug charges in NOLA suburb

Police in the New Orleans, Louisiana, suburb of Harahan recently arrested two men and a woman on suspicion of buying and selling illegal drugs. The arrests were the result of what police say was a confidential tip identifying the three as drug dealers. The trio is now awaiting a preliminary hearing to learn their drug charges.

Suitcase with 10 pounds of marijuana leads to three drug arrests

An abandoned suitcase was turned over to the lost and found at Louis Armstrong International Airport in Kenner, and it led to the arrest of three persons, after an attempt was made to claim the bag. The three persons were charged with various drug crimes, including the transportation of drugs from California to Louisiana.

Traffic stop leads to arrests on weapons and drug charges

A person's right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures is codified in the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Put simply, a Louisiana resident cannot be forced to have their person, car, home or other space invaded by law enforcement officials without a reason. Generally a police officer or other law enforcement officer must have a warrant or compelling reason to stop and search a person. If their suspicions are not based on sufficient information or evidence, then the results of their searches and seizures may not be legal.

Louisiana residents have rights when suspected of drug crimes

Even when a person has done nothing wrong, a confrontation with police officers can be intimidating. Law enforcement officials like police officers carry the authority of upholding the law in their official actions and the work that they do to protect others can sometimes impinge on the rights most Americans hold dear. In particular, when a police officer states that they wish to search the property of another because of the suspicion of criminal activity, an individual can feel threatened and unsure of how to react.

Eight total, 4 from Louisiana, indicted on drug charges

Drug charges must be taken seriously as they are associated with serious penalties and consequences. Eight individuals were recently indicted, including 4 individuals from Louisiana, in relation to an alleged multi-state drug ring. The individuals are accused of trafficking drugs in Louisiana and several others states following an expansive drug investigation. The individuals are accused of trafficking heroin and cocaine. The wide-ranging drug investigation is reported to have been a several-year operation.

Man in Baton Rouge faces drug charges following traffic stop

This blog recently discussed different types of police misconduct and the ways it can significantly impact individuals accused of crimes when it occurs. According to police, a man in Baton Rouge is facing drug charges following a recent traffic stop. Police reported that the traffic stop took place because of the man's failure to use a turn signal when turning. He was charged with possession of Schedules I and II drugs, as well as other criminal and traffic-related charges. Also according to police, the man initially ignored flashing lights and sirens when they attempted to conduct the traffic stop.

Louisiana woman facing serious felony drug charges

Any type of drug charge is a serious matter. A traffic stop in Louisiana recently turned into the arrest of a Louisiana woman on multiple serious felony drug charges. The 47-year old woman is facing 5 drug charges following being stopped by authorities after police allege they observed her driving erratically to the left of the center line of the roadway. Authorities allegedly found loose prescription pills in the woman's purse prior to her producing her driver's license.

Three Baton Rouge men face federal drug charges

Criminal defense rights are essential rights to be familiar with. Three men from Baton Rouge are facing drug charges, including drug distribution charges, following a series of pharmacy break-ins in Louisiana and a neighboring state. The men have been accused of stealing oxycodone, hydrocodone, tapentadol, methadone and dextoamphetamine with the intent to sell the drugs. The men, ages 26, 30 and 37 were recently indicted by a grand jury. The men are charged with five counts of possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and a conspiracy charge. They are facing federal drug charges and potentially face 10 years or greater in prison for each charge.