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White Collar Crimes Archives

Louisiana police close down identity theft ring

Police in Louisiana have taken six people into custody and are searching for two others in connection with an identity theft ring. The St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office says that the group rummaged through garbage cans outside a Hammond loan business to find documents containing sensitive information. The scheme is said to have been in operation for about a year and 45 victims have been identified so far according to media accounts.

Finance manager charged with forgery and theft in truck sale

The finance manager of an auto dealership in Monroe, Louisiana, was charged with forgery and theft in connection with a scheme to steal down payments from customers. These alleged white collar crimes came to light when a customer attempted to obtain the registration, license plate and payment booklet for a vehicle she purchased.

Metairie business man disputes sales tax charges

Businesses that incur an average monthly sales tax liability in excess of $500 must file a return and pay sales taxes to the state every month. A Metairie business-person has learned that failure to make the required payments can lead to white collar criminal charges.

Baton Rouge woman charged with bilking state out of $120,000

Income tax preparers are motivated by the drive to reduce their clients' tax bill by finding all deductions that can be lawfully claimed. Sometimes, this incentive becomes too powerful. A Baton Rouge woman has been arrested and is now accused of fraud because she allegedly crossed the line separating proper deductions from fraudulent deductions.

Embezzlement is a serious white collar crime

Embezzlement is a type of theft that occurs when a person uses a position of power or control to take money or financial assets from others. Louisiana residents may often hear allegations of this crime occurring in banks or other institutions where individuals invest their money with the intention of seeing their assets grow. Charges of embezzlement are very serious, though, and if a person is convicted can result in the imposition of significant penalties.

What is insider trading and why is it a crime?

Have you ever found something out shortly before everyone else and have savored knowing that information while everyone else was in the dark? In a nutshell, this is insider trading, though readers of this Baton Rouge criminal defense legal blog deserve a more complete definition of the crime.

What needs to be proven in an embezzlement case?

When one thinks of the term fraud, they may not be aware that there are specific types of fraud that one can be accused of committing and each different type has specific elements that must be proven in a court of law. Louisiana residents may be quick to brush all deception under the umbrella of fraud, but legally it encompasses a number of crimes and it is important to understand the allegations one is facing if they are to be fought effectively.

Protections are available when facing tax fraud allegations

Tax fraud and tax evasion are serious crimes and can carry serious penalties. When facing an investigation or criminal charges related to tax fraud and tax evasion, it is important for accused individuals to understand how to protect themselves and respond to such charges and allegations. It can be unsettling and overwhelming to be facing allegations of tax fraud or tax evasion, the Internal Revenue Service and criminal charges and possible civil penalties.

Understand how to address tax fraud allegations

Facing a tax fraud or tax evasion investigation can be an alarming experience. It requires working with parts of the federal government which may be intimidating, including working with the Internal Revenue Service. Both individuals and organizations may find themselves in situations requiring guidance regarding tax fraud investigations, charges and other concerns.

What is embezzlement and what do I do if I am charged with it?

There are a variety of crimes that are considered white collar crimes and embezzlement is one of them. In most states, embezzlement refers to the theft of assets by a person that is in a position of responsibility or trust concerning those assets. Embezzlement commonly takes place in employment and corporate situations. Embezzlement can include fraudulent billing, fraudulent payroll checks, payments to non-existent employees, falsification of records or financial schemes.