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Appellate Law Representation In Baton Rouge

Adverse rulings throughout the duration of a case or in the final disposition of a case can be brought to the state and federal courts of appeal or criminal courts of appeal in Louisiana. The lawyers at Hymel Davis & Petersen, have extensive experience representing clients in state and federal appeals involving adverse rulings in complex civil litigation and business litigation.

Hire Experienced Louisiana Appellate Lawyers to Handle Your Appeal

At Hymel Davis & Petersen we offer the experience of Baton Rouge appeals lawyers who have argued appeals before all five of the Louisiana Courts of Appeal, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

We are attorneys with the experience acquired through years of practice in state and federal courts, including appellate courts. We have the knowledge and proficiency to represent clients in civil and business appeals arising from all types of disputes, such as:

Additionally, our firm is equipped to represent clients in criminal appeals before State circuit courts of appeals and the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

If you have questions regarding a potential misapplication of the law, legal errors or mistakes made by counsel, or other concerns regarding a prior ruling on your case, it is important to act quickly before filing deadlines lapse. Consult with a Baton Rouge appeals attorney at Hymel Davis & Petersen in a free consultation about your case. Contact our Louisiana law firm online