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Experience In Corporate Fraud Defense

The law office of Hymel Davis & Petersen represents corporate officers, directors, and other business professionals, as well as companies of all sizes in Louisiana and throughout the nation that are facing regulatory investigations, state or federal white collar crime investigations, or grand jury investigations related to alleged business fraud. Involving an experienced corporate fraud defense lawyer right away is paramount to protecting the rights, reputation, and career of the business professional, and to minimizing liability of the company

Louisiana Business Investigations — Lawyers With the Experience You Need

Our law firm is known for our ability to handle complex litigation, including high-profile federal criminal defense and white collar criminal defense matters. We utilize our extensive experience in these matters in each case we handle, including cases involving Louisiana business investigations. Our attorneys assist corporations and corporate employees in internal corporate investigations, investigations by regulatory agencies, and investigations by state and federal law enforcement in cases involving:

Maintaining Confidence ∙ Protecting Reputations ∙ Limiting Liability

At Hymel Davis & Petersen, we recognize that when a business is facing allegations of corporate malfeasance, or when a business professional is facing claims of corporate misconduct or employee misconduct, confidentiality is essential. Whether representing a corporate officer, an employee of the business, or the business itself, we maintain the utmost confidentiality and emphasize protection of our client’s rights and reputation, and we work diligently to minimize the liability of our client.

We have extensive experience in facilitating internal investigations for business clients, guiding business professionals in internal investigations being conducted, and advising clients in investigations by FEMA, the EPA, Medicare or Medicaid, or other state or federal agencies. If an investigation leads to litigation — either business litigation or criminal proceedings — our corporate fraud defense lawyers have the experience to represent the interests of our client.

Baton Rouge Corporate Fraud Defense Lawyers

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