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False Claims/Qui-Tam

Has the federal or state government accused you of bringing a false claim? Do you suspect that someone has made a false claim in his or her interactions with the government? False claim actions are complex and require the advice of an attorney with knowledge of the federal False Claims Act and experience in this area of the law.

Hymel Davis & Petersen brings over 100 collective years of experience to the service of our clients in Louisiana and throughout the nation. We represent clients who are facing false claim allegations as well as individuals who would like to bring qui tam actions/whistleblower lawsuits.

Our law firm was founded by three former federal prosecutors. Because we have worked for the government, we have seen all sides of false claims. Partner L.J. Hymel was particularly interested in qui tam actions while working as a U.S. Attorney. Before leaving the U.S. Attorney’s Office, he concluded a qui tam action that resulted in over $30 million dollars returned to the government, the largest qui tam recovery in the state of Louisiana at that time.

False Claim Defense Attorneys

Under the federal False Claims Act, there are both civil and criminal penalties for anyone who makes a false claim against the United States. These claims are usually healthcare-related. If the government suspects that you made a false statement to them about Medicare, Medicaid, or any other federal government program to receive money, they can bring a lawsuit against you.

We defend clients facing fines in civil court, or jail in criminal court, for allegedly making a false claim against the U.S. government. Our clients have included individuals accused of healthcare fraud, and more.

Bringing Qui Tam Actions/Whistleblower Actions

There is a provision under the False Claims Act that allows private citizens to bring claims against people or companies they believe have fraudulently used or received federal funds. If they are successful, the private citizens receive a percentage of the recovered money. These lawsuits are called qui tam (“king for the day”) actions, most commonly known as “whistleblowing.”

Our Louisiana qui tam attorneys represent the individuals and companies (known as “relators” or “whistleblowers”) who file the qui tam lawsuits. We work hard to develop the evidence you need to prove that another person or company has made a false claim against the United States. In some instances, the Department of Justice joins us in these suits.

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