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Challenging Insurance Claim Denials

Did an insurance company decline coverage or deny your valid claim? Do you believe you have been treated unfairly? Too often, insurance companies deny coverage or fail to pay full coverage amounts. At the law offices of Hymel Davis & Petersen, we challenge insurance companies on their decisions to deny coverage. We are trial attorneys, experienced at litigating on behalf of potential insured individuals involved in claim disputes with insurance companies.

From our law offices in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, we provide aggressive representation for clients throughout the state, along the Gulf Coast, and across the nation.

We Understand Insurance Claims and Insurance Companies

In almost any type of insurance claim — automobile insurance, homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, business owner insurance, or other — the insurance company will raise a coverage defense. Without an experienced lawyer, individuals often struggle to go up against powerful insurance companies.

Our Baton Rouge lawyers have decades of legal experience handling complex insurance claims disputes. We understand insurance terminology and will provide a detailed analysis of you insurance policy. We also tell it straight: we will apply any potential policy exclusions to the facts of your case and will give you an honest evaluation of your chances of success.

Low Settlement Offer?

Beware of an insurance company offering you a low or quick settlement offer. Our insurance claim attorneys are very aggressive with insurance companies, both in and out of the courtroom. We do not accept less than fair recovery for our clients.

Contact Our Insurance Claim Dispute Lawyers in Baton Rouge, LA

When your insurance company has denied your claim, disputed your coverage, or otherwise acted in bad faith, we will pursue the damages to which you are entitled. In some cases, where we can prove insurance bad faith/failure to pay, we can also bring a claim for punitive damages and attorneys’ fees.

Take advantage of our free initial consultation. To schedule an appointment with our insurance claim lawyers, contact us online or by phone at 225-298-8118.