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Assault and battery are distinct criminal charges in Louisiana

The crimes of assault and battery are commonly grouped together. Louisiana residents may even think they are one crime, but that is not the case, especially when it comes to being charged for these crimes. The criminal charges of assault and battery are actually two separate charges in Louisiana.

NFL player released after rumor of possible criminal charges

Louisiana residents may have heard about the San Francisco 49ers' recent release of defensive lineman Ray McDonald. The eight-year NFL veteran was terminated following the initiation of a sexual assault investigation by San Jose police.

Man faces domestic assault charges after incident with woman

For people in Baton Rouge, the prospect of punishment after a criminal conviction can be daunting. Regardless of the circumstances of the crime, it's important that the criminal charges be investigated fully to determine the best possible defense. Those who face any kind of criminal offense can have their lives turned upside down because of it and self-protection is paramount.

Man faces criminal charges after fight with brother

For most people in Baton Rouge, the thought of committing an act that will result in an arrest never occurs to them. Because of that, they're not concerned about the prospect of needing assistance with criminal defense. However, it only takes one unexpected incident to result in criminal charges being filed. Whether it's someone who obeys the law as a matter of course or a person who has had brushes with the legal system in the past, in a flash, a person can be confronted with the long-term consequences of being charged with a criminal act.