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Federal charges require skilled attorney experience

Whether an alleged crime will be pursued in the Louisiana court system or in the federal court system is of critical importance. The procedures, laws and practices differ at the state and federal level. As this blog reported in a previous post, an alleged crime may be a crime at both the state and federal level, but whether prosecutors pursue charges at the state or federal level depends on a number of factors.

What are the consequences for a hate crime conviction?

The term hate crime has a strong negative connotation. It is a forceful accusation to make against someone. It is not only a crime under Louisiana law, but it is also a federal crime.

What are the consequences for possession of child pornography?

Allegations of creating or possessing online child pornography are often headline-grabbing allegations. It is important for a person charged with such crimes to be aware of his or her rights and develop a strong criminal defense.

What if I believe there was police misconduct in an arrest?

It's become a frequent news topic for law enforcement to become embroiled in allegations of various forms of abuse when they're supposed to be doing their jobs. When a person in Baton Rouge and throughout the state is arrested and there is a belief that police misconduct was evident in the investigation and arrest, it's important to understand how the FBI defines what are known as "Color of Law" abuses. These laws encompass anyone who is involved in being a legal authority who might have committed a violation.

Does the National Sex Offender Registry apply in Louisiana?

For those in Baton Rouge facing federal charges related to sex crimes, a resulting conviction could result in substantially detrimental long-term consequences. Aside from the stigma often associated with such crimes, additional requirements for those convicted on such federal charges can sometimes make life difficult for years to come.

Louisiana man facing theft charges over livestock purchase

A Louisiana man purchased nearly 200 head of cattle last fall and has now been accused of never actually completing payment for the livestock. He was arrested and released on a $250,000 bond while facing federal charges for theft of livestock.

Elderly employee faces federal charges for alleged forgery, theft

An elderly Louisiana woman has been arrested on charges of forgery, felony theft and bank fraud. The federal charges arose out of a complaint filed by the woman's employer in May.

Louisiana construction firm faces federal mail fraud charges

Louisiana residents who are accused of crimes under state law will usually find themselves up against prosecutors with much greater resources than the defendants they prosecute. Those facing charges in federal court may feel even more outmatched, as they face prosecutors with all the resources of the federal government. A defense against criminal charges in these situations has to be at least as strong as the prosecution against it.

Louisiana man arrested on charges of child pornography

Louisiana residents who are accused of engaging in online child pornography face a very difficult battle. The mere accusation of these crimes is enough to cause serious damage to one's personal and professional lives. The penalties that come to those who are convicted are much, much more serious.