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Understanding the definition and red flags of a Ponzi scheme

Many people in Louisiana might be under the impression that a white collar crime isn't as serious as other types of criminal acts that involve narcotics, violence and theft. However, a white collar crime is treated harshly by law enforcement as they might end up involving a larger number of entities with far more people being negatively affected by its aftermath. One such act that has garnered greater news coverage recently and harmed a vast number of people is a Ponzi scheme.

Louisiana state agency official charged with federal fraud

Louisiana residents who are accused of white collar crimes, such as fraud, embezzlement and insider trading, could find their professional lives in serious jeopardy. These crimes typically occur in the workplace, and therefore employers take the allegations very seriously. Many of the accused are suspended from work or lose their jobs long before they have had a chance to defend themselves in court. A conviction on these charges can damage a person's career long after any jail time has been served or fines have been paid.

Ex-New Orleans official charged with money laundering

A former Louisiana official has been charged with theft, money laundering and other crimes after federal prosecutors said he overbilled the City of New Orleans by more than $680,000 and used public funds for personal expenses. According to the indictment, the overbilling took place when the man served as bookkeeper for New Orleans Traffic Court between the years 2009 and 2011.

Louisiana politician pleads not guilty to tax fraud charges

The term "white collar crime" is often used to describe a variety of different types of illegal actions including embezzlement, insider trading and fraud. Louisiana residents charged with these crimes will face many of the same potential penalties as those accused of ordinary theft crimes, but their cases are typically more complicated. Trials in these cases usually require expert witnesses and detailed examinations of evidence. They can also have important effects outside of the courtroom and beyond the life of the accused and the accused person's family.