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Posts tagged "long-term consequences"

What are the consequences for a hate crime conviction?

The term hate crime has a strong negative connotation. It is a forceful accusation to make against someone. It is not only a crime under Louisiana law, but it is also a federal crime.

What constitutes kidnapping of a child in Louisiana?

The taking of a child is a serious offense. Kidnapping a child is a felony that may be prosecuted under state or federal law. Different forms of child abduction under Louisiana law are based on who allegedly took the child, the age of the child, and why the child may have been taken.

Have I committed computer fraud?

Computer fraud, also known as internet fraud, covers a wide range of activities that use a computer or the internet. Prosecutors alleging computer fraud are alleging that an accused has dishonestly used a computer to attempt to incite another person into taking an action, or not taking an action, that will cause the other person loss. Computer fraud charges are often federal crimes.

Does the National Sex Offender Registry apply in Louisiana?

For those in Baton Rouge facing federal charges related to sex crimes, a resulting conviction could result in substantially detrimental long-term consequences. Aside from the stigma often associated with such crimes, additional requirements for those convicted on such federal charges can sometimes make life difficult for years to come.

Blake Griffin facing criminal charges for incident in Vegas

Louisiana residents may have heard about an NBA star that is facing legal implications from an alleged scuffle with another man. The purported Las Vegas incident resulted in misdemeanor criminal charges for the athlete.

What qualifies as custodial interrogation?

A criminal conviction can carry serious penalties with long-term consequences. For this reason, the Supreme Court assured that individuals' Constitutional rights were protected by requiring officers to give a Miranda warning before any custodial interrogation took place. When pursuing criminal charges, any Louisiana officer failing to give notice of an individual's Fifth Amendment rights must suffer the consequences of being unable to use illegally obtained statements at subsequent proceedings.

Criminal charges filed after man accused of stealing at LSU game

A student at Louisiana State University was arrested at a recent home football game. Criminal charges were filed against the student when several items missing from a restricted area were located on the individual.

Man faces felony charges for alleged home improvement fraud

Accusations against a Baton Rouge man claim he committed home improvement fraud after failing to complete repair work on a home. The man now faces charges for the fraud and felony theft.

Teachers arrested after allegations of affair with student

In Louisiana, those who are facing allegations that they have committed a crime have a great deal to think about. Certain crimes can lead to incarceration, loss of employment and other long-term consequences. When confronted with any kind of criminal charges, having a competent plan for a criminal defense can mean the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Man faces criminal charges after fight with brother

For most people in Baton Rouge, the thought of committing an act that will result in an arrest never occurs to them. Because of that, they're not concerned about the prospect of needing assistance with criminal defense. However, it only takes one unexpected incident to result in criminal charges being filed. Whether it's someone who obeys the law as a matter of course or a person who has had brushes with the legal system in the past, in a flash, a person can be confronted with the long-term consequences of being charged with a criminal act.