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Federal charges require skilled attorney experience

Whether an alleged crime will be pursued in the Louisiana court system or in the federal court system is of critical importance. The procedures, laws and practices differ at the state and federal level. As this blog reported in a previous post, an alleged crime may be a crime at both the state and federal level, but whether prosecutors pursue charges at the state or federal level depends on a number of factors.

What are the consequences for a hate crime conviction?

The term hate crime has a strong negative connotation. It is a forceful accusation to make against someone. It is not only a crime under Louisiana law, but it is also a federal crime.

Have I committed computer fraud?

Computer fraud, also known as internet fraud, covers a wide range of activities that use a computer or the internet. Prosecutors alleging computer fraud are alleging that an accused has dishonestly used a computer to attempt to incite another person into taking an action, or not taking an action, that will cause the other person loss. Computer fraud charges are often federal crimes.

Does the National Sex Offender Registry apply in Louisiana?

For those in Baton Rouge facing federal charges related to sex crimes, a resulting conviction could result in substantially detrimental long-term consequences. Aside from the stigma often associated with such crimes, additional requirements for those convicted on such federal charges can sometimes make life difficult for years to come.

3 Louisiana men accused of violating federal wildlife laws

Louisiana has long enjoyed a reputation as a "sportsman's paradise," in the words of the old license plate motto. However, hunting is still a heavily regulated activity in Louisiana and the rest of the nation, and those who forget this fact can find themselves on the wrong end of federal charges.

Three women charged with bank fraud at Baton Rouge businesses

Three women were charged recently with bank fraud after prosecutors said they cashed more than $77,000 in counterfeit checks at Baton Rouge businesses. The indictment of the three women is part of a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of money laundering, drug dealing and other federal crimes at a Baton Rouge convenience store.