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Experienced White Collar Criminal Defense

The Baton Rouge law office of Hymel Davis & Petersen is highly equipped to handle the complicated nature of criminal defense for white collar and federal crimes. Founded by a team of former veteran federal prosecutors with over 100 years of combined legal experience, our office provides legal counsel, representation, and defense for clients facing the most complex legal issues.

White collar crimes generally involve classes of crimes involving fraud, corruption, embezzlement, or corporate malfeasance. These kinds of cases require a skill set significantly different from state criminal defense for violent or misdemeanor crimes. Our office has the legal knowledge and resources necessary to provide strong criminal defense for the most serious and complex white collar crimes.

Experienced Criminal Defense Representation

Our law office is built on being able to provide quality representation for clients facing the most complex kinds of criminal charges. Operating in state and federal courts throughout Louisiana and nationwide, our legal team has the experience, knowledge and resources needed to be effective in matters such as:

Our lawyers are focused on providing effective representation for individuals, organizations, or corporations with an emphasis on litigation. Unlike other crimes, defense for white collar crimes and federal crimes requires knowledge of the federal criminal system which is quite different from the state system.

Representation for Clients Charged with White Collar Crimes

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