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Harsh penalties for drug convictions in Louisiana

Persons convicted of drug charges in Louisiana face harsh penalties. Lawmakers in Louisiana have outlined serious consequences for people convicted of drug crimes, including offenses for heroin, marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

Group arrested on numerous charges linked to drug trafficking

In Baton Rouge, being charged with crimes related to drugs can lead to severe penalties. Depending on the circumstances, a person who was caught in a search and seizure related to drugs might face harsh punishments or be eligible for some form of diversionary program without jail time. These penalties on drug charges might have to do with possessing the drugs, drug distribution, drug trafficking and the intent to distribute. Those who are caught up in an arrest or series of arrests due to drugs need to bear in mind their rights and the long-term issues they'll face if they're convicted.

Baton Rouge man facing bond revocation after new drug charges

A Baton Rouge man may be thrown behind bars pending his upcoming trial. The man's second indictment for additional unrelated drug charges has prosecutors pushing to revoke his previously issued bond.

Defining possession with the intent to distribute in drug charges

Hearing about the drug charges of possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute is not altogether uncommon. The crime title may sound self-explanatory but it actually consists of three parts: possession, intent to distribute, and possession with intent to distribute. All three elements must be met in order for the crime to have been committed.

Drug charges result from alleged drug deal observation

Louisiana detectives allegedly observed a drug deal taking place and proceeded to follow the suspected vehicle. As officers subsequently made a traffic stop of the vehicle, one suspect ran. Both were apprehended and now face drug charges.

Traffic stops end in drug charges from $500,000 find of 'Molly'

Two traffic stops made by Louisiana State Police Troopers ended in the arrest of four individuals after officers discovered $500,000 worth of the designer drug "Molly." The amount seized equates to 19 pounds, or 20,000 doses of the drug.

Traffic stop leads to drug charges for Louisiana pair

A man and woman from Louisiana are facing drug charges as a result of a recent traffic stop. Drug charges resulting from traffic stops are not uncommon, however, this particular incident stemmed from what some drivers may consider a minor offense. As opposed to a more serious offense like speeding or blowing through a stop sign, the officer in this incident conducted a traffic stop because the driver did not use a turn signal.

Police arrest 8 in crackdown on growing heroin trade in Louisiana

Over the past few years, the authorities in Louisiana and across the nation have been increasingly concerned about an apparent rise in the trade of heroin. Police have said that they are seeing an increase in use of the opiate drug in the New Orleans metro area and surrounding parishes.

Search leads to drug arrests for two in Louisiana

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects Louisiana residents from "unreasonable" search and seizure, but courts tend to give police a lot of leeway in terms of what kinds of searches count as reasonable. The issue of unreasonable search comes up often when Louisiana residents face drug charges.

Baton Rouge police arrest six in synthetic marijuana crackdown

Louisiana authorities have been cracking down on so-called synthetic marijuana. Use of these products is prohibited in the state, where they are considered Schedule I controlled substances and health officials have warned the public to stay away from them after they said 100 people have been treated for life-threatening symptoms caused by the drugs.