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Club raid results in several arrests on drug charges in Louisiana

by | Dec 18, 2012 | Firm News |

The Drugs Enforcement Agency of Louisiana recently arrested several people for being in possession of drugs. The officers of the agency raided a local strip club, as well as the house of the club owner, and allegedly found a variety of drugs on the premises and also arrested several people on drug charges. The officers arrested the owner of the club, but the charges against the owner are unknown as the U.S. Attorney’s Office currently refuses to name the allegations. However, there were violations of federal laws that bar a person from manufacturing, storing, distributing or using controlled substances in places of business.

Apart from the club owner, the police also arrested five other people on drug charges. The officers reportedly found several people in the club in possession of drugs like cocaine, valium, marijuana and prescription pills. The police arrested all of them and have charged most with possession of drugs with intent to distribute. Some of the accused are reported to have admitted to the drug possession, while others did not.

During the raid, the police also reportedly found a man and a woman in the VIP room of the club. The woman was said to have been found in possession of one gram of methamphetamine, one used joint and two prescription drug pills. Police reported that the man had paid the woman for sexual services. Police arrested both on misdemeanor prostitution charges.

The officers also searched the house of the club owner and allegedly found two bags of cocaine in the bedroom and bathroom of the house. The owner’s wife was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine. The police also arrested another man from the house on a traffic court bench warrant.

The Louisiana judiciary is very strict towards people accused on drugs charges. A drug charge conviction can have serious consequences. Hence, the accused should act quickly to consider strategies that can help with the strongest defense possible. In other cases, if the defense case is too weak or if the accused has admitted to the charges, the accused could also bargain a plea.

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