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March 2017 Archives

What is the difference between a felony and a misdemeanor?

If a Louisiana resident is arrested on suspicion of committing a crime, many people may not be aware that the categorization of the offense determines how the case is treated in the court system. To put it simply, not all criminal charges are created equal-the penalties differ based on the category of crime one is accused of.

What needs to be proven in an embezzlement case?

When one thinks of the term fraud, they may not be aware that there are specific types of fraud that one can be accused of committing and each different type has specific elements that must be proven in a court of law. Louisiana residents may be quick to brush all deception under the umbrella of fraud, but legally it encompasses a number of crimes and it is important to understand the allegations one is facing if they are to be fought effectively.

Louisiana residents have rights when suspected of drug crimes

Even when a person has done nothing wrong, a confrontation with police officers can be intimidating. Law enforcement officials like police officers carry the authority of upholding the law in their official actions and the work that they do to protect others can sometimes impinge on the rights most Americans hold dear. In particular, when a police officer states that they wish to search the property of another because of the suspicion of criminal activity, an individual can feel threatened and unsure of how to react.

Get help in fight against federal criminal charges

Facing criminal charges is a daunting prospect for anyone, including Baton Rouge residents. Often, we forget that the accused is innocent until proven guilty-the media usually paints a person under investigation as someone who has already been convicted and public opinion is quick to turn against that person. When the federal charges include those of exploiting children, as mentioned in last week's post, people are even more likely to form opinions before the verdict is out.

5 arrested, including 2 from Baton Rouge, for child sex crimes

This blog recently discussed what sex offender registries are and what the requirements under a sex offender registry are. Five men were recently arrested in Louisiana, including two from the Baton Rouge area, on 300 counts of exploiting children. The five men were charged with sexual exploitation of children in the alleged cyber crime sweep. The Louisiana Attorney General announced the arrests following them.