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September 2013 Archives

Feds in Baton Rouge charge five in alleged tax fraud

When a person is accused of committing a crime, several thoughts go through their head. Often times, they consider how to devise a defense against the allegations in order to show their innocence. The seriousness of the criminal charges could mean a lengthy investigation dealing with evidence, witnesses and, in some cases, co-defendants.

Three women charged with bank fraud at Baton Rouge businesses

Three women were charged recently with bank fraud after prosecutors said they cashed more than $77,000 in counterfeit checks at Baton Rouge businesses. The indictment of the three women is part of a wide-ranging investigation into allegations of money laundering, drug dealing and other federal crimes at a Baton Rouge convenience store.

Louisiana politician pleads not guilty to tax fraud charges

The term "white collar crime" is often used to describe a variety of different types of illegal actions including embezzlement, insider trading and fraud. Louisiana residents charged with these crimes will face many of the same potential penalties as those accused of ordinary theft crimes, but their cases are typically more complicated. Trials in these cases usually require expert witnesses and detailed examinations of evidence. They can also have important effects outside of the courtroom and beyond the life of the accused and the accused person's family.

Baton Rouge man to face murder charge in drug overdose

The typical charges for Baton Rouge residents arrested in connection with illegal drugs are drug possession, drug trafficking, drug manufacturing and intent to distribute. An unusual recent case presents another charge that may be filed, murder.