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February 2016 Archives

Eight arrested for drug crimes after investigation in Louisiana

An investigation that began late last year has resulted in the arrest of eight persons in Louisiana for alleged drug offenses. Numerous law enforcement agencies began investigating alleged drug crimes in November and ultimately made a number of arrests this month.

How might voir dire affect a Louisiana criminal trial?

The legal system, at both the state and federal levels, can be complex. A Louisianan facing criminal charges may be in unfamiliar territory, and there may be many new and unfamiliar terms that a criminal defendant hears as his or her case develops. One of those terms may be "voir dire."

What defenses are available to defend against a felony charge?

Despite the wide variety of criminal charges that exists under Louisiana law, defenses to a criminal charge may be categorized into two types. Typically, criminal defenses consist of either the defendant claiming he or she did not commit the crime, or that the defendant admits that he or she committed the crime, but should not be help legally responsible.

Louisiana attorneys defend against complex white collar crimes

A Louisiana resident who has been accused of a white collar crime may benefit from an aggressive and thorough defense. Such alleged crimes may be investigated by experienced federal investigators, as this blog reported in a previous post, and depend on an analysis of complex financial records. Therefore, a criminal defendant facing allegations of a white collar crime, such as computer fraud, tax fraud or money laundering, ought to approach the situation well-prepared and with advocates on his or her side.