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February 2015 Archives

FBI: White-collar crime schemes target senior citizens

The term "white-collar crime" encompasses a range of unlawful acts usually motivated by monetary gain. Often, these crimes occur in workplace environments, and they are nonviolent offenses. Fraud is a common type of white-collar crime. A prosecutor accusing a defendant of fraud is alleging an offense involving the deceit of another person or persons for financial gain.

Harsh penalties for drug convictions in Louisiana

Persons convicted of drug charges in Louisiana face harsh penalties. Lawmakers in Louisiana have outlined serious consequences for people convicted of drug crimes, including offenses for heroin, marijuana and synthetic marijuana.

Group arrested on numerous charges linked to drug trafficking

In Baton Rouge, being charged with crimes related to drugs can lead to severe penalties. Depending on the circumstances, a person who was caught in a search and seizure related to drugs might face harsh punishments or be eligible for some form of diversionary program without jail time. These penalties on drug charges might have to do with possessing the drugs, drug distribution, drug trafficking and the intent to distribute. Those who are caught up in an arrest or series of arrests due to drugs need to bear in mind their rights and the long-term issues they'll face if they're convicted.

What if I believe there was police misconduct in an arrest?

It's become a frequent news topic for law enforcement to become embroiled in allegations of various forms of abuse when they're supposed to be doing their jobs. When a person in Baton Rouge and throughout the state is arrested and there is a belief that police misconduct was evident in the investigation and arrest, it's important to understand how the FBI defines what are known as "Color of Law" abuses. These laws encompass anyone who is involved in being a legal authority who might have committed a violation.