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October 2013 Archives

Louisiana woman arrested after asking police for help

Many Baton Rouge residents facing drug charges say that their legal troubles began after being pulled over in their cars for a routine traffic stop. Police sometimes pull over a driver who runs a stop sign or who has a malfunctioning tail light, but in the interaction that follows, they discover drugs in the vehicle, and the driver ends up facing charges for drug possession, or worse.

"Reasonable Doubt" standard at heart of recent acquittals

Louisiana fans of "Law & Order" and other police and courtroom dramas are probably familiar with the fact that a criminal conviction requires a finding of guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This is a very important concept in criminal defense, as several high-profile Baton Rouge cases have shown recently.

Louisiana man faces charges of online solicitation of minor

Louisiana and federal authorities are zealous in enforcing the laws against sex crimes involving children. The police track down the alleged perpetrators of these crimes using methods they rarely, if ever, use in going after other alleged criminals, and those convicted face extremely serious penalties.

Second woman accuses law student of sexual assault

Being accused of a crime can be an emotional and serious experience. Being accused of the same crime twice not only heightens the concerns associated with the allegations, but it could also increase the potential penalties and damage the reputation of the defendant.