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April 2013 Archives

Louisiana police make arrests in alleged drug trafficking

Sometimes in Louisiana, one arrest leads to another and then another after that. When police get evidence of drug crimes, they often try to trace the distribution channels of the drug and make as many arrests as they can. Soon a whole group can face drug charges, including possession with intent to distribute, which can carry stiff penalties.

Louisiana man charged with credit card fraud

Credit card fraud and other forms of identity theft are serious problems in Louisiana, and both state and federal laws call for tough punishments for those convicted of these crimes. As with other white-collar crimes, people accused of identity theft may be surprised at how much trouble they are in.

Baton Rouge man sentenced in felony child pornography case

The Internet makes it easy to share photos. And it makes it easy to get into serious trouble for sharing the wrong kind of photos. Louisiana and federal laws make it a felony to distribute online child pornography, and the penalties can be severe.

Louisiana man in alleged bribery probe released pending trial

Louisiana residents, who have been charged with a crime, know that the time between being accused and actually standing trial can be a very frightening and confusing period. The judicial system is supposed to presume all those facing criminal charges are innocent until proven guilty, and, yet, accused people often find their freedoms strictly limited before any jury has heard evidence against them.